Confused Rahul in cyclonic confusion

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By Goutam Shankar Das

The other day, I read about Rahul Gandhi’s ranting that the central government should open up with absolute updates on the Indo-China LAC up there. And yesterday he chortled that all countrymen know about what is going on there in the forbidden territory. Well, if Rahulji knows, like all other Indians what handshaking distance and by how many millimeters the slit eyes and wide eyed soldiers are maintaining or trying to maintain since the Lt General level talks were held to discuss and agree on more discussions, why did the Congress leader demand to know what every other indian already knew? Huh!
Well, as sages before us and Rahulji had observed, knowledge is good but knowing what one should not would lead to the fate that our first parents borrowed for themselves and for the generations till now which also includes Rahulji. Since what I am observing here is just a fancy of my mind, the moot point that purturbs me is, does Rahul Gandhi want the government to share defense secrets and maneuver plans with the nation which the Centre is trying to protect from mischief mongers across two borders? Unfortunately, if that is so, RaGa is certainly not bawling out the right notes. Anyway, Rap Music does not require musical Ragas to dish out nonsense.
My thoughts may be pieces of lunatic rationalisation, but honestly speaking, that is what all rational headed people are thinking and gasping about coming from an expectedly a responsible leader of national stature as many are bound to feel.
All Indians sitting on political fences must have observed that when sanitary workers remove manhole lids to clean (the holes under which sewage lines flow) they cover their noses. Similarly when some offended, disgruntled, mentally disjointed political leader opens his or her manhole (read mouth) to flush out the mental muck, one of Bapu’s three monkeys should be aped to stave off mental virus.
As a dimwitted but none the less proud Bharatiya, I subscribe to the steps being taken by the central government to tackle the pandemic, economic and defense threats in the ablest ways with adequate support from the state governments at a time when cohesion is the calling tune across political divides. A few avoidable rants and raves, if they still do crop up, may be overlooked as jargon of lunatics of my class.

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