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Jamshedpur: Yes, that’s right! The traffic mayhem that continues to persist and grow by the moment is nerve-wracking and an unnecessary test on human patience.

The growing habit of getting out of the traffic mess that abounds in the city by hook or by crook is a show of casting the minimum senses of traffic norms to the wind and this pushing through of vehicles via almost non-existent openings creates bottlenecks that take uncompromising hours of irritation to unscramble.

Admittedly, the two-wheeler daredevils who zigzag through the most resolute of traffic snarls are the master villains who do not care about their own life and limbs nor of other saner rationalists who are resigned to the traffic banes.

Neither are these mockeries of the human race checked by traffic authorities nor are they made to learn the decency of proper driving. These young men, if a proper check is ever conducted, are mostly under-aged and naturally do not possess driving licenses. They go for the killer rides, unchecked and unprotected.

It is all very well to be critical or sermonize; but, at the end of the day, where are the traffic cops? A few may be seen as passive observers while the world of traffic continues to crawl along in a stupendously unkempt manner that defies the minimum concept of human rationality.

For long, the traffic department has presumably hibernated or, at best, been at the planning board to consider ways of unraveling the mysteries of haywire traffic control but nothing tangible has surfaced to give a glimmer of hope to the otherwise epidemic proportions of snares and snarls that have become synonymous to the sea of ‘stagnant’ vehicles waiting to move ahead. All one encounters is ‘controlled’ exasperation.

If the traffic department complains of acute shortage of personnel, it is for the police and administration concerned to fill in the blanks and ensure an iota of sanity in traffic flow. Vehicle loans are easily available and thus the tribe of vehicle users will continue to grow but there should be plans to contain the mushrooming scenario.

Off the cuffs, banks and other financial institutions could devise a pattern to their ‘philanthropy’ of loans and advances on the basis of their sticky lending which, at one guess, might be staggering. That way, the percentage of vehicle loans may become a case of look before you leap (again?).

Whatever the causes may be (citizens are continuing to bear the effects), will you, the traffic department, make citizens breathe easy? You are the messiahs, the citizens being caught in the traffic web, look up to you for deliverance!

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