Animals take over city streets as authorities wink

Animals take over city streets as authorities wink

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Jamshedpur : Surprising though it may sound to many, stray animals enjoy many of the rights of their human counterparts in the steel city (such as voting rights) as they go about virtually ruling the streets in the absence of a mechanism to keep them at their right places.

One may easily see these animals including dogs, cows, buffaloes, goats and sheep chewing the cud on the busy streets as the officials forego their own duty to think about the city’s beauty and public convenience.

The animals, especially stray dogs mostly cause problem to the pedestrians and motorists on the streets. The members of the bovine family too, make the traffic flow miserable through
their seemingly harmless but ill-timed postures in the middle of roads. At many places, they double up as natural road dividers, no wonder.

At many places, injuries have been caught to motorists and pedestrians as cows, bulls and dogs either go berserk owing to their bestiality or irritation caused to them by the human environment. In either case, it becomes risky for both the animals as well as humans who are
exposed to sudden danger of casualty.

Sadly, little has been done by the district administration to keep the stray animals in their natural environment while keeping them out of streets and other public places. Both animal lovers and philanthropists agree that arrangements need to be made to make the environment
securer for the homeless animals and the public wherever needed.

Many brows are raised among the animal lovers when animals are put away to death or rendered rough treatment. There is genuine concern on their part. But this love for animals needs to
be backed up by an equal sensitivity shown to humans through development of a sense of balancing between love for animals and philanthropy. Only a balanced and more understanding
approach will lead to a solution, says a veteran animal lover of the city who prefers to keep
his identity undisclosed simply to avoid limelight.

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