Ananda Marga organises Kirtan Mahotsava to end corona pandemic

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Jamshedpur, Oct 7: Asta’kshari Siddha Maha’ mantra Kiirtan Baba Nam Kevalam was founded by Sadaguru Shrii Shrii Anandamurti jii, the founder of Ananda Marga (a socio spiritual organization). For first time it was introduced on 8th October 1970 at Amajhariya, Latihar Dist. Jharkhand.

The meaning of the Mahamantra is “only the name of my most beloved God” The ideation is: “Everywhere I look, in everything I hear, feel, see, taste and smell, I perceive that one Supreme Consciousness which pervades all things.” .

By regular chanting of “BABA NAM KEVALAM” kirtan, one become free from all sins and sufferings, get read of clash and worries, Kirtan assist to improve Sadhana to get absolute blessedness, salvation or libration.

This Mantra is a universal Mantra that can be sung or chanted by anyone anywhere and anytime.  It is helpful in physical, psychic and spiritual sphere of life.Baba means “Cosmic father” and is widely used as a familiar name for the Guru.

BABA also defines “nearest or dearest entity and that is almighty God”. So Baba Nam Kevalam has a deep range of meaning.

Baba Nam Kevalam is a Sanskrit Mantra. Baba means “beloved,” Naam means “name” and Kevalam means “only.” Therefore, the Mantra may be explained as “Only the name of the dearest and nearest entity,” The Mantra is that love is everywhere and is the essence of everything.”Love is all there is.” God is love personified.

“Kiirtan touches the core of human heart. Followers of all religious do Kiirtan for complete surrenderence unto the lotus feet of Sadaguru Lord. The only reason for such large-scale popularity of KIIRTAN is that it arouses the soft devotional sentiments in a person. Behind the KIIRTAN there is blissful ideation and vibration. This ideation blossoms into full flower as the soft feelings of the human heart lying so far in bud form. Kiirtan awakens the divine feelings and channelise all feelings into great bliss. Kiirtan fills one’s life and satisfies all wants”.

By Sadhana, one moves closer to the Supreme, but by KIIRTAN the Supreme moves closer to His devotees.

On this historical great occasion on 8th October, members of Ananda Marga is going to celebrate it with relentless Akhanda Kiirtan and different services around the globe. Such holy and devotional occasion comes in a year so organisation also initiates several projects to serve the suffering humanity. As corona pandemic has taken place everywhere in the world, Central Office of Ananda Marga organisation has decided to hold maximum online KIIRTAN programs to inundate the flow of devotion. This will also create positive microvita in a globe, which is subtler spiritual remedy of Corona pendemic. It will also remove depression, frustration and melancholia and fill the mind and environment with positivity, optimism and introvert self to realise within.

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