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6th National Conference on Social Entrepreneurship

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Focuss on better utilsation of resources
: The 6th National Conference on Social Entrepreneurship (NCSE) started with much aplomb at XLRI.

The theme of the first session was on ‘Leveraging Indigenous Resources’. The day started off with Anshu Gupta, the Founder director of Goonj playing the role of moderator speaker.

He gave a brief scenario of the current trends that are taking place in India regarding resources CSR activities.

Dr Marcella D’Souza took over the dais and spoke on the topic of ‘Leveraging Local Resources for Sustainable Development in Rural India in Semi-Arid Regions’.

She described the problems faced by women in these regions and the amount of efforts they had to put in to get the basic necessities of life like water, food, etc.

She also showed the effects of Watershed development how it had improved the conditions of the people during droughts. This set the tone for other speakers to follow suite describe the problems faced by the people in villages in the usage of natural resources.

There were also talks about community managed sustainable agriculture and the ways in which the different innovations in the field of agriculture had been impactful.

After this, Kalyan Akkipedi, the founder of “ProtoVillage” gave his experiences in managing the huge task of making a prototype of an “Adequate” village cluster which would act as a replicable model for integrated rural development.

The second session was based on the theme of ‘Promotion of Entrepreneurship at grass roots level’. Prof Prabal Sen, who was the moderator for this discussion emphasised on the importance of promoting entrepreneurship in India presently.

Then the dais was taken over by Lakshmi Venkatesan, Founding Trustee of Bharatiya Yuva Shakti Trust who talked about the building blocks of socio-economic development the power of qualitative data in encouraging people.

Opinions of Mr KC Mishra and Neichute Duolo, the CEO of Entrepreneurs Associatesmade the discussion richer by gaving a different dimension to it.

The final panel discussion of the day focussed on ‘Experiments, Innovations and New Prototypes’ which brought into limelight the initiatives and ventures taken by these very individuals for decentralised development.

Speakers such as Prakhar Bhartiya, Founder of Youth Alliance, Pradeep Ghosh, Founder-Director of OASiS, Prof DV Ramana, Business on Street, XIM Bhubneshwar and PP Verma, Secretary, Jharkhand Alternative Development Forum brought to the fore these initiaves which help strengthen the grassroots.

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